From idea to impact: translating respect for people and plant into visible and tangible results

By solving your strategy, funding and messaging challenges, we give you the time and space to focus on what's important: creating more impact.

Guidelight Strategies works at all scales of philanthropy, from some of the largest foundations to the nimblest of grassroots organizations. We're an impact agency and we believe, regardless of size, impact requires a strategic approach, efficient processes and powerful partnerships. 

We work for NGOs, foundations, investors, philanthropist, entrepreneurs and companies that want to make a difference. This makes us an independent player, one that knows the language and culture of different parties and is connected to major stakeholders within all these groups.

Organizational Effectiveness

Aligning organizational strategy, messaging and funding strategy

Organizations, foundations and businesses come in all different shapes, sizes and approaches. But one thing most share is a set of internal, organizational challenges that keep them, at times, from reaching their goals and adapting to emerging needs and strategies. We work with grantees, entrepreneurs and funders to understand the root causes of these challenges and develop the long-term tools and solutions to overcome them. Much or work focuses on aligning  organizational strategy with robust funding strategies and funding opportunities.


Strategic Planning

Developing a roadmap to success

Your company has big ideas for making the world a better place. We will help you create ambitious, yet practical plans to make social change a part of your business. We will define your goals and visions and guide you towards the best strategy to accomplish your philanthropic goals, attract funding and create effective programs that align with your brand.


Corporate sustainability

Creating the new normal

Sustainability presents a business opportunity in the overlap between minimizing ecological footprint and increasing business, employee, & brand value. Based on your current impact and understanding your ambitions, we work with you to develop the strategies and processes your company needs to integrate social and environmental sustainability into your business model and organizational culture, to manage it, and learn from it.