Working with Guidelight, you get a dedicated team of experienced strategists and content developers who are exclusively focused on your fundraising and organizational goals. 

Our team has decades of experience working with local and global social sector organizations across the spectrum of program areas and sectors. We have developed dozens of strategic plans, supported hundreds of grantees with organizational effectiveness, researched thousands of funders, written hundreds of LOI's, concept notes, proposals and reports, and helped clients raise millions of dollars. 

Jennifer O'Connor, Founder and Chief Consultant

Jenny began her career in philanthropy at Teach for America, working within education targeting at-risk youth in the Bay Area and helping develop a more robust after school initiative. After leaving TFA, Jennifer spent several years working with community development programs, focused in health and water, in East and Sub-Saharan Africa and across Asia. She co-founded and ran an organization, Groundwork Opportunities, for 8 years, with a focus on building leadership capacity within community organizations. In 2015, Jennifer became a USAID health fellow, working in Zimbabwe with the Ministry of Health on their rural health program expansion. As she wrapped up the fellowship, she founded Guidelight Strategies and began consulting for The Gates Foundation on their food security and health programs. Today, Jenny is the principal consultant and founding director of Guidelight Strategies, a strategic development firm working with innovative businesses, foundations and non-profits to strengthen their organizational capacity and guide them through the development of both their social and sustainability strategies.


Katie McCann, Consultant 

Katie was one of the initial employees at The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation where she assisted in setting up the foundation and then moved into a role as program officer working on both the science and environment programs. During her time at Moore she became a Kinship Fellow where she focused on designing projects that tied economic incentives to sustainability initiatives. After Moore, Katie went on to assist Doug Tompkins with the creation of a network of new National Parks in Patagonia. Managing multiple projects in Chile and Argentina her main priority was determining how to build and grow a local tourism industry around the parks. Back in San Francisco, she joined Dr. Daniel Nepstad as a Program Director at, The Earth Innovation Institute where she worked on developing sustainability strategies aimed at reducing deforestation and increasing food production for the beef, soy and palm oil industries in Bolivia, Brazil, Peru and Indonesia. Katie has an MBA with a focus in Sustainability and has worked on implementing corporate sustainability programs with a variety of companies such as IDEO, Unilever, Whole Foods, OMNI Enviro-water Systems, The Roundtable for Responsible Soy, and The Roundtable for Responsible Beef. She is currently a principal consultant at Guidelight Strategies, working with innovative corporations, non-profits and social entrepreneurs in the food, ag, environment, and tech sectors. 


Diana Rothschild, Corporate Sustainability Consultant

I use business as a catalyst to solve the world’s most pressing needs. From an entrepreneur supporting family sustainability and the ‘future of work’ to spending seven years as a sustainability strategist independently, with McKinsey, Blu Skye and currently Guidelight Strategies - I advise leaders to create financial, social, and environmental value in ways that drive shareholder value, enhance business models, and increase customer/employee loyalty. Prior to that, I spent four years at Walmart in Operations & Merchandising. I worked with Walmart’s CEO to launch their sustainability program – focusing on packaging, waste, organic cotton financing, leadership dev, and employee sustainability. As a strategy, change management, and operations systems thinker, I work cross-functionally to establish shared objectives, prioritize focus areas, and figure out how to achieve them through strong, thoughtful execution. I value innovating, making everyday lives better, and having a meaningful impact. I received my B.S. from UC Berkeley’s, Haas School of Business, and my MBA from Stanford. I live in San Francisco with my husband, two young daughters, and three backyard hens.