Illuminating your path to success 

By solving your fundraising, program strategy and messaging challenges, we give you the time and space to focus on what's important: creating more impact.

Guidelight Strategies works at all scales of philanthropy, from some of the largest foundations to the nimblest of grassroots organizations. We're an impact agency and we believe, regardless of size, impact requires a strategic approach, efficient processes and powerful partnerships. 


Your non-profit is a lean, mean fighting machine. But, there are moments when you wish your team were bigger. We provide your non-profit with the tools to help you close the gap between the impact your organization wants to achieve and the resources and strategies you need to do so. 



Your company has big ideas for making the world a better place. We will help you create ambitious, yet practical plans to make social change a part of your business. We will guide you towards the best strategy to accomplish your philanthropic goals and create effective programs that align with your brand.



Your foundation wants to change the world. We can help you do that. We will help you make informed grantee decisions, create effective program strategies, develop the best tools for measuring your impact, and craft compelling stories to share these results with your constituents.