If you are looking for efficiency and effectiveness, look no further. Large, small or somewhere in between, we offer tangible solutions to reach your goals.

 We are a strategic development firm working with non-profits, foundations, social entrepreneurs and corporations to create impact, measure impact and maximize impact. We deliver tailored services to support visionary leaders target specific goals and achieve them. With every project, we aim to provide our clients with the knowledge, tools, skill-sets and support they need to not only build and execute their strategy, but achieve their goals long after our engagement is over. We offer tailored strategic planning services, capacity building and organizational effectiveness services, corporate sustainability services, funding strategy, and much more.

We do not write complicated reports; we focus on concrete results. Thinking and doing, that characterizes our approach in the following areas

Capacity Building and Organizational Effectiveness 

Aligning organizational strategy, messaging and funding strategy

Organizations, foundations and businesses come in all different shapes, sizes and approaches. But one thing most share is a set of internal, organizational challenges that keep them, at times, from reaching their goals and adapting to emerging needs and strategies. We work with grantees, entrepreneurs and funders to understand the root causes of these challenges and develop the long-term tools and solutions to overcome them. Much of our work focuses on aligning organizational strategy with a robust funding strategy, external messaging and funding opportunities. 

Types of capacity building services we offer:

  • Strategic planning and facilitation
  • Resource development (including fundraising)
  • Organizational development and change
  • Organizational assessment and evaluation
  • Organizational effectiveness workshops
  • Organizational "pivots"
  • Board development
  • Leadership development
  • Program development, marketing and evaluation
  • Capacity building program design and development
  • Peer learning programs. 

Strategic Planning

Developing a roadmap to success

Every program needs a roadmap for success. We will work with you to create a plan of action that focuses on the right opportunities, partnerships and timing to achieve the greatest impact. Whether you are a non-profit, foundation, or corporate philanthropy program, we will help you define your goals and visions and guide you towards the best strategy to accomplish your philanthropic goals, attract funding and create effective programs that align with your brand. We will be with you every step of the way from implementation to impact measurement and evaluation. 

This work often includes:

  • Organizational Assessment: SWOT and stakeholder interviews 
  • Competitive and Sector Analysis 
  • Theory of Change: Mapping out what you do, how you do it and the change you expect to see 
  • Strategic Planning: Building the model and program structure 
  • Monitoring and Evaluation: Tools for measuring impact 

Funding Strategy

Identifying and securing the capital to scale  

We help you secure the resources to deliver on your strategy and goals. We combine in-depth engagement with key stakeholders, informed analysis, and broad-ranging expertise to develop a plan for transformational fundraising and the support you need to execute.

This work often includes:

  • Funding Strategy: Development plan by year
  • Pipeline Research and Development: who will fund you and how to get it?
  • Fundraising Management Tools: Database development
  • Pitch Resources: Language targeted to specific funders
  • Business Planning: development of revenue-generating activities & strategies
  • Staff and Board Fundraising Training Sessions

Corporate Sustainability  

Creating the new normal

Sustainability presents a business opportunity in the overlap between minimizing ecological footprint and increasing business, employee, & brand value. Based on your current impact and understanding your ambitions, we work with you to develop the strategies and processes your company needs to integrate social and environmental sustainability into your business model and organizational culture, to manage it, and learn from it. 

This work often includes: 

  • Organizational Assessment: understanding your current footprint and ambitions
  • Competitive Analysis: identifying emerging trends
  • Employee Engagement Programs and Strategy
  • Consumer Insights 
  • Sustainability Strategy Development: Building the model & program structure
  • Strategy implementation and governance: integrating strategy across your business, brand, and culture